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Testimonials - from Parents

I receive countless emails and letters from people who have attended the Parenting Safe Children workshop and In-service for Professionals. Here's what they have to say:

Screenshot from video testimonialJoe took the Parenting Safe Children workshop and immediately began screening caregivers and teaching his two daughters body-safety rules. Check out his video message to other dads.

We recently had the opportunity to take the best parenting class that we have ever come across. The subject matter is tough, but very important—how to protect our children from sexual abuse. Unlike many parenting classes, this class is not at all preachy or impractical. It provides tangible ways that we can help our children become less vulnerable. We recommend it not only to parents of any child, high school age or younger (including infants), but also to grandparents, friends, and relatives—in short, anyone who spends time with your children or who your children may trust.”
- Mark & Jennifer, Parents, CO

My first experience asking a family member to join my prevention team was scary, but I just took a deep breath and did it! I emailed first, telling her (my mother-in-law) that I had gone to a great seminar on parenting. I asked if I could tell her some of the things I learned. She came over for lunch and I had my son tell her about our "Body Safety" rules. I took it from there and asked her if she (and Grandpa) would help me by following the rules. Specifically, the no-secret rule, the asking for affection rule, the accurately naming of body part rule and then told her that she could be a hugely vital part of helping keep him safe. I was worried about offending her or making her feel like I was too pushy, but she responded really well. She is one of our biggest supporters now!"
- Amy, Parent, CO

"THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! It was so great to be a part of something so wonderful. Thank you for helping us be proactive about teaching our children. You're dedicated, knowledgeable and easy to be with. You made a very difficult subject easier to grasp and get a hold of without making it scary. You are a wonderful teacher, a powerful speaker and to say it frankly…you really know your stuff! Everyone was very impressed and you left them thinking which is fabulous."
- Lisa, Parent, CO

“I thought I'd be frightened by this workshop, but I was actually enlightened. This workshop will change the way you think about children’s safety. Moreover, I'm the mother of a 15-year old, and don't think for a minute this is a class for parents of young children only. The information is as relevant for the parent of a 5-year old as it is for a 15-year old.”
- Gayle, Parent, FL


“Parenting Safe Children gave me tools I needed as a parent to empower my children. Feather’s tips were precise, practical and age-appropriate. I highly recommend her seminar.”
- Haleh, Parent, NY

“Thanks again for the wonderful and informative presentation. My husband and I have started working some of your ideas into our family life. Tonight we started played the “favorites” game at dinner. I actually got some info about my daughter’s school day, which was a nice change.”
- Amanda, Parent, CO

“This is the single most powerful workshop I have ever attended. I was able to implement several techniques the same evening to improve my kid’s safety! My 4-year old now knows what private parts are, that he is the “boss of his body,” and can say no to adults if they try and violate his body-safety. By implementing a “no secrets” rule in our house, playing games like “favorites and un-favorites,” and “what-if” games I now as a parent have a means to detect and prevent grooming by pedophiles. Feather also taught me how to open a safe and secure dialogue with my son so he feels safe telling me anything. My family has been forever impacted by this minimal investment in time; it is a must for every parent.”
- Mike, Father, CO

“I have always been particularly paranoid about my children's vulnerability regarding sexual predators. In my mind, I could never let my guard down; no one was above suspicion. After attending Feather's Parenting Safe Children workshop, I no longer feel paranoid. Now I understand safety isn't about building a mommy-guarded fortress around my kids. I have peace-of-mind regarding my children's innocence and security; I have knowledge and I have skills to help keep our family safe.”
- A very thankful Mom, CO

"Your Parenting Safe Children class was excellent! For all my foster training your class was the most informative and practical yet. I love the focus on the positive. It is such a refreshing approach and it helps me feel that it is a manageable issue. Before it seemed like such a depressing subject that I just couldn't get my arms (or mind!) around."
- Foster Parent, CO

“This is a ‘must do’ workshop for parents of any age children. The information provided is accurate, concise and presented in a way that makes the information immediately useable. I have encouraged all of my clients who have children to attend this beneficial workshop.”
- Carol, Psychologist, CO

"Thank you so much for today. I was not too stoked about "wasting" my Saturday A.M. I was so wrong!!! I was so surprised that Luci (my daughter) tonight said she had a secret; I asked her what she thinks a secret is? "It's when you do something and show them later." No, that's a surprise. Then we got into the difference between the two. This would have not happened if my wife went by herself. 
- Lou, Dad, CO


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