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The Parenting Safe Children Workshop – for Parents (in the Denver Metro Area)


Adults are responsible for keeping children safe from sexual abuse—and child sexual abuse can be prevented. Here's how: 1) Educate yourself about how child sexual abuse happens and 2) Speak with all of your children's caregivers about body safety. Just as you keep your children safe when bicycling, swimming, cooking, or driving, you can also keep your children safe from sexual abuse. The prevention plan starts with YOU.

When you attend the Parenting Safe Children workshop, you will learn very specific tools you can use in your home, school, place of faith, youth organizations, and community to protect children from sexual abuse. Specifically, you will learn how to invite caregivers onto your prevention team by having conversations about body safety. You will also learn how to talk about personal body-safety and boundaries with your children in an age-appropriate, non-threatening way so you can empower children to keep their bodies safe. I use a three-part prevention model developed over two decades in the field. Prevention works!

1. Parent Education

You will learn what makes children vulnerable to sexual abuse.

  • Who do sexual abusers target and why?
  • How do sexual abusers “groom” children?
  • What are the warning signs that a child, teen, or adult may be harming a child sexually?
  • What is the difference between age-appropriate sexual behavior and problematic sexual behavior?

2.  Caregiver Screening

You will learn tools and techniques for inviting caregivers onto prevention team.

  • How can you start building a prevention team so all of your child’s caregivers are working with you to keep your child safe?
  • How might you discuss rules and expectations with other parents before play dates and sleepovers?
  • What questions can you ask when you hire a babysitter or leave your child with family members?
  • What questions might you ask when enrolling your child in a sports program, participating in a faith-based program, or meeting with a tutor?
  • What basic policies ought to be in place to keep schools, places of faith, and youth organizations off limits to sexual abusers?

3. Child Empowerment

You will learn body-safety rules to teach your children. 

  • What is the role of boundaries and privacy in keeping kids safe?
  • Why is it important to distinguish between secrets and surprises?
  • How do you teach children manners yet also empower them to say “No” in a compromising situation?
  • How do you give children choices about showing affection?
  • How can you seize “teachable moments” to reduce vulnerability?
  • How can body-safety rules be applied to the Internet?

The Parenting Safe Children workshop for parents is a lively 4 hour workshop and costs $53.75 per person, materials included (rates may vary outside of Colorado). Check out our Upcoming Schedule or Register Now. Or, Be a Hero and Host! For more information, see the Flyer and read Testimonials, or Email Feather.

If you live outside the Denver Metro area or outside of Colorado, please register for the Parenting Safe Children Online Workshop.



Yes, I want to invest 3.5 hours and $53.75 to keep my children safe from sexual abuse!

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